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A Bitter Lime

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Max Orter
Narrative Feature

a bitter lime 2

A young well-off couple bored by their mundane Los Angeles lifestyles, decide they want to move away to an exotic, faraway Caribbean location – Guyana.  How long can this escape last and what are they running from?

“A Bitter Lime,” is an Australian-American-Guyanese Independent Feature Film that begs the question, ‘What if your dreams came true?’  Mixing different ideas, cultures, locations, styles and more!

Watch the Trailer:

About the Director

maxMax Orter is a filmmaker who has spent time living in different parts of the world including Australia, Germany, United States & Guyana. He has been writing stories and making short films throughout his life. He’s interested in exploring the human experience with issues like ‘who are we?’ & ‘how can we connect?’ A Bitter Lime is Max’s debut feature film – a result of four trips to Guyana, four years in the making and selling his house to fund the film. A Bitter Lime will have its world Premiere at Cinefamily theatres in West Hollywood on the 5th June 2016.

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