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Art Connect

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Miquel Galofré
Feature Documentary | 74 mins
Trinidad & Tobago | 2014
VENUE: Moray House // June 1, 2017 // 7:00 PM

SYNOPSIS: A winner at the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, Art Connect, vividly illustrates how creative intervention changed the lives of a group of young people in Laventille, a disenfranchised and volatile community in T&T. The film documents the profound impact painting, poetry, music and dance had on the children, who were given digital cameras to record their experiences. By allowing the viewer intimate access to their world, they reveal their hopes and fears, and we witness their lives transform.


About the Director:


Miquel, is a documentary filmmaker, born in Barcelona, and based in the Caribbean. He has worked as a Director, Producer, Photographer and Editor for more than 25 years. With experience in television, commercials and feature film production, he has traveled extensively and filmed on location around the world.

Miquel, brings fresh insights and master craftsmanship to all his projects. His documentary “Songs Of Redemption” won the best documentary award at Krakow film festival in 2014, and recently his feature documentary “Art Connect,” won the premier award at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.

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