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Dreadlocks Story

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Linda Ainouche
Documentary Feature | 83 mins
2014 | Jamaica
VENUE: Dutch Bottle Cafe // June 3, 2017 // 3:00 PM

SYNOPSIS: Dreadlocks Story, is a feature documentary, which sheds light on the extraordinary untold story of Hindu roots in Jamaican Rastafari culture. As a cross-cultural historical study, Dreadlocks Story uses its global perspective to present a diverse and vivid portrayal of Rasta culture and the array of cultural influences that guide it.




About the Director:


Being an Anthropologist who loves working with misunderstood communities all over the world, and growing up as a child from two different cultures parents, LINDA AÏNOUCHE was born in France, and has ended up in New York City after having stayed in a couple of countries.

 Everything comes at just the right moment! She came out with this project to give a new platform to both Rastafari movement and Indian legacy. No doubt, she owns a background which drives her to know the amazing and important results of cultural sources as well as the difficulties to accept and combine them.

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