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Film Schedule

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[nrgevent_tabs][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”GUYANESE SHORTS” position=”Shorts Package 1″ date=”18.05.2016″ time=”2:00 PM – 3:30 PM” speaker_image=”603″ event_image=”393″]A selection of contemporary short films by Guyanese filmmakers in Guyana and the Diaspora.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”My Father’s Land” position=”Tyler Johnston + Miquel Galofre” date=” 18.05.2016″ time=”4:00 pm – 5:30 pm ” speaker_image=”603″ event_image=”371″]Preceded by “PAPA MACHETE” by Third Horizon (Haiti)

Bahamas/Haiti – My Father’s Land tells the story of Papa Jah, a Haitian gardener, who has spent the last forty years in the Bahamas, living in a marginalised community, the Mud. When news arrives that his 103-year-old father has taken ill back in Haiti, Papa Jah travels back to Haiti, to reunite with his father, hopefully before it is too late.  Watch the trailer here.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”ALGUN LUGAR” position=”Guillermo Zouain” date=” 18.05.2016″ time=”6:00 pm – 7:30 pm ” event_image=”332″ speaker_image=”603″]Preceded by “EL CAST” by Shea Best (Dominican Republic)

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – After finishing high school teenagers Oliver, Moises, and Heminway go on an emotive journey through the Dominican Republic in search of their life calling. What begins as a celebration of their friendship ends as a final farewell. Watch the trailer here.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”A BITTER LIME (Sneak Peek)” position=”Max Orter” date=” 18.05.2016″ time=”8:00 pm – 10:30 pm /” event_image=”999″ speaker_image=”603″]USA/GUYANA – A young well-off couple bored by their mundane Los Angeles lifestyles, decide they want to move away to an exotic, faraway Caribbean location – Guyana.  How long can this escape last and what are they running from?

“A Bitter Lime,” is an Australian-American-Guyanese Independent Feature Film that begs the question, ‘What if your dreams came true?’  Mixing different ideas, cultures, locations, styles and more!  Watch the trailer here.

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[nrgevent_tabs][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”SPANISH CARIBBEAN SHORTS” position=”Shorts Package 2″ date=”19.05.2016″ time=”2:00 PM – 3:15 PM” speaker_image=”603″ event_image=”408″]A selection of contemporary short films from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”SENSEI REDENSHON” position=”German Gruber, Jr.” date=”19.05.2016″ time=”3:30 pm – 5:30 pm ” speaker_image=”603″ event_image=”367″]Preceded by “ALTO VISTA,” by Juan Francisco Pardo (Aruba)

CURACAO – Sandro comes out of prison searching to rescue the relationship with his only son Shendel, whose obsession with easy money led him to follow his father footsteps into the world of underground fights. In order to protect his son and win back his trust, Sandro will have to confront his toughest test yet.  Watch the trailer here.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”A STORY ABOUT WENDY 2″ position=”Sean Hodgkinson” date=”19.05.2016″ time=”6:00 pm – 7:30 pm ” event_image=”350″ speaker_image=”603″]Preceded by “A STORY ABOUT WENDY 1”

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Following on from A Story about Wendy (2012), when she was dumped by her fiancé, Wendy Phillips returns excited to start work with Simone Davies’ as her personal assistant. She inadvertently discovers information revealing what really happened to Simone’s previous assistants, andrealises that her life is in danger.  Watch the trailer here.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”THE SKIN” position=”HaMa Films” date=”19.05.2016″ time=”8:00 pm – 10:30 pm ” event_image=”373″ speaker_image=”603″]Preceded by “THE CROFT,” by Wayne Benjamin (Jamaica)

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA – A young married couple, Michael and Lisa, are about to lose their home, when their luck changes dramatically. While on a photo shoot at an historic site, Michael discovers an ancient vase and sells it to an antique dealer. But strange things begin to happen, and they soon discover from a mystic that the relic was not a blessing, but a curse.  Watch the trailer here.r.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ event_image=”689″ speaker_image=”603″].[/nrgevent_tabs_item][/nrgevent_tabs]

[nrgevent_tabs][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”ENGLISH CARIBBEAN SHORTS” position=”Shorts Package 3″ date=”20.05.2016″ time=”10:00 AM – 11:30 AM” speaker_image=”603″ event_image=”434″]A selection of short films from some of the best emerging Caribbean filmmakers in the Region and from the Diaspora.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”FRENCH CARIBBEAN SHORTS” position=”Shorts Package 4″ date=”20.02.2016″ time=”12:30 pm – 1:45 pm ” speaker_image=”603″ event_image=”416″]A selection of contemporary short films from the French-speaking Caribbean.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”SONGS OF REDEMPTION” position=”Miquel Galofre” date=”20.05.2016″ time=”2:00 pm – 3:30 pm ” event_image=”365″ speaker_image=”603″]Preceded by “CLEANING HOUSE,” by Toni Blackford (Jamaica)

JAMAICA – Through the progressive vision of the General Penitentiary in Kingston, Jamaica’s former superintendent, a rehabilitation scheme has been implemented, involves inmates creating and recording reggae music. Feauring riveting interviews and moving live performances, Songs of Redemption is an uplifting testament to the healing, even transformative power of music.  Watch the trailer here.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”RAIN” position=”Maria Govan” date=”20.05.2016″ time=”4:00 pm -6:00 pm ” event_image=”369″ speaker_image=”603″]Preceded by “POTHOUND” by Christopher Guinness (Trinidad + Tobago)

BAHAMAS – After the death of her grandmother, Rain, a young Bahamian girl, is forced to move to Nassau, where she soon she finds her idealistic illusions shattered when she finds how destructive her mother’s lifestyle is. Stranded in an unfamiliar environment that fills her with dread and confronted by a mother she has never known, Rain searches desperately to find her own place in the world.  Watch the trailer here.por.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ title=”POETRY IS AN ISLAND” position=”Ida Does” date=”20.05.2016″ time=”6:30 pm – 9:00 pm ” event_image=”362″ speaker_image=”603″]Preceded by “THE COMING OF ORG,” by Davina Lee (St. Lucia)

ST. LUCIA – This documentary presents an intimate portrait of Derek Walcott.  Set in his beloved native island St. Lucia, it explores his poetry, the landscapes and people who inspire it, observes Walcott in places essential to his work and life, and gathers the thoughts of some of his closest childhood friends.  Watch the trailer her.[/nrgevent_tabs_item][nrgevent_tabs_item style=”style-2″ event_image=”689″ speaker_image=”603″][/nrgevent_tabs_item][/nrgevent_tabs]