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Generation Revolution

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Cassie Quarless & Usayd Younis
Documentary Feature | 80 mins
UK | 2016
VENUE: Dutch Bottle Cafe // June 4, 2017 // 2:00 PM

SYNOPSIS: Running parallel to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, a surge of young black and brown activists has emerged in the UK fighting for racial, economic, and gender equality. This propulsive documentary immerses viewers in the inner-workings of some of London’s most prominent revolutionary groups—including the Black Revs and the R Movement—as they take to the streets, score successes, suffer disappointments, and transform Britain.


About the Directors:


Cassie is a producer/director of Grenadian heritage, with a background in comedy and documentary shorts, having produced short-form content for The Wagon, Futurelearn & UCL, amongst others. He has studied Digital Anthropology at UCL and has a strong interest in the imagining of and potential for radical futures.





Usayd, is a radical filmmaker and digital editor for Ceasefire Magazine. His first documentary ‘The Two Worlds’ addresses the topic of inequality in post-apartheid South Africa. Usayd has facilitated workshops on Arts & Activism for Platform / Shake! and has a passion for social justice.

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