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Heart of a Monster

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Damian Marcano
Narrative Short
Curaçao | 2016
VENUE: Dutch Bottle Cafe // June 4, 2017 // 12:00 PM

SYNOPSIS: The strongest and most agile of all the men, Dada is ready for the battle. A wise young man – He learns of the monster’s weaknesses in order to defeat it. The villagers fear Dada will never return. The simple premise of good and evil collide in this tale to a surprising end. Having underestimated the force of the monster’s evil, Dada may have to sacrifice himself to save everyone else.

About the Filmmaker:


As a boy growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, Damian Marcano often spent his days at play in the streets of his community of Morvant/Laventille, in east Port-of-Spain. He migrated to the US at the age of 12, and later enrolled at Ohio State University, intending to study medicine. Instead he moved to New York and became a web design programmer, then entered the world of filmmaking.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Marcano made his first film, the charming short The Little Boy and the Ball, in 2011. Now he has returned to the streets he knew as a child to shoot his first feature, the gritty drama God Loves the Fighter, the story of Charlie, a young man down on his luck who reluctantly gets drawn into working for a drug-dealing gang leader.

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