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My Father’s Land


Tyler Johnston + Miquel Galofré
Documentary Feature | 62mins
2015 Haiti + The Bahamas

My Father's Land

SYNOPSIS: My Father’s Land tells the story of Papa Jah, a Haitian gardener, who has spent the last forty years in the Bahamas, living in a marginalised community, the Mud. When news arrives that his 103-year-old father has taken ill back in Haiti, Papa Jah travels back to Haiti, to reunite with his father, hopefully before it is too late.

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About the Filmmakers

Miquel GalofreMiquel Galofré is from Barcelona, Spain. His previous, award-winning documentaries are Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast?(ttff/09), Hit Me with Music (ttff/11), Songs of Redemption (co-directed by Amanda Sans, ttff/13), and Art Connect (ttff/14). He lives in Trinidad and Tobago.


tylerTyler Johnson is a Bahamian-American filmmaker and artist living in Trinidad and Tobago. He is the director of the short documentary Five Bones (ttff/12).


  1. Jeanne Monique Dorval

    I where. i can find that movie

  2. Jeanne Monique Dorval

    I want to see that movie

  3. B

    Who did the song “I’m a Bush Man” that played at the end of the film?

  4. Mayo Hayes

    I just viewed the documentary and my heart felt full and happy for papa jah and his father. Thank you for the uplifting and eye opening glimpse into the lives of the beautiful Haitian people. You wouldn’t be able to provide a soundtrack list of this particular episode would you? Thanks

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