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Sensei Redenshon

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German Gruber
Narrative Feature/119 mins
Curaçao | 2014

Sensei Redenshon 2

Sandro comes out of prison searching to rescue the relationship with his only son Shendel, whose obsession with easy money led him to follow his father footsteps into the world of underground fights. In order to protect his son and win back his trust, Sandro will have to confront his toughest test yet.

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About the Director

german gruberGerman Gruber was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1980, and moved with his family to Bonaire when he was 12 years old. He studied film in the Netherlands and graduated with the short film The Legend of Buchi Fil (2009), a story about slavery on Curaçao, which won numerous international awards, including Best Short Film at ttff/10. Sensei Redenshon is his debut feature film. He has settled in Curaçao with the intention of making films that tell the story of the island and its people.

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