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Songs of Redemption

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Miquel Galofré
Documentary Feature/79 mins
Jamaica | 2013

Songs of Redemption

Through the progressive vision of the General Penitentiary in Kingston, Jamaica’s former superintendent, a rehabilitation scheme has been implemented, involves inmates creating and recording reggae music. Feauring riveting interviews and moving live performances, Songs of Redemption is an uplifting testament to the healing, even transformative power of music.

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About the Director

Miquel GalofreMiquel Galofré is from Barcelona, Spain. His previous, award-winning documentaries are Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast?(ttff/09), Hit Me with Music (ttff/11), Songs of Redemption (co-directed by Amanda Sans, ttff/13), and Art Connect (ttff/14). He lives in Trinidad and Tobago.

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