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The Croft

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Wayne Benjamn
Narrative Short/45 mins
Jamaica | 2013

The Croft

Derrick Myers retreats to a vacation house in the mountains to write his break through project. On theway he has an encounter with an apparition on the side of the road which leads to his next few days in the mountains filled with a series of bizarre and terrifying events.

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About the Director

wayne-benjaminWayne Benjamin is a video Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor, who owns and operates Fabrikated ProjeX.  He is also a screen writer who has written all his productions, from music video treatments, TV Shows and short films such as 6am: Joel, The Croft and Us&Them.   Wayne has been a video producer since the mid nineties, who started out as a photographer for thirteen (13) Years. The skills he learned as a photographer helped to morph his talents as a cinematographer, giving him a better understanding of how to manipulate lights and depth of field and such things, these techniques can be seen in all videos and movies produced by Fabrikated ProjeX.

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