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The House on Coco Road

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by Damani Baker
Documentary Feature
Grenada/USA | 2016
VENUE: Dutch Bottle Cafe // June 3, 2017 // 6:00 PM

SYNOPSIS: For a brief moment, between 1979 and 1983, the island of Grenada was a bastion of black revolutionary activism ushered in by a socialist revolution—until a US military invasion put an abrupt end to the peoples’ dreams of building an Afro-diasporic utopia. Filmmaker Damani Baker (Still Bill) explores this often-overlooked chapter in the history of black struggle via his own family’s heartrending story.


About the Director:


A native of the Bay Area, Damani Baker is a Brooklyn-based director and filmmaker. His first feature documentary (with co-director Alex Vlack) about the life and music of Bill Withers, “Still Bill,” opened theatrically to critical acclaim in 2009 and was acquired by Netflix, Showtime, and BBC. Previous work includes “Return,” an award-winning film that explores the genius of traditional African medicine. Damani’s career spans documentaries, music videos, museum installations, and advertisements, and he has worked for clients including Rainforest Alliance, Puma, IBM, and Wieden+Kennedy, among others.

His current projects include over 10 films for museums in Nigeria and Chattanooga, Tennessee for Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc. Damani is a Sundance Fellow and alum of Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 new faces in independent film.” In addition to his work, Damani is a professor in the filmmaking, screenwriting, and media arts program at Sarah Lawrence.

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