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Howard and Mitzi Allen
Narrative Feature/100 mins
Antigua + Barbuda | 2011

The Skin

A young married couple, Michael and Lisa, are about to lose their home, when their luck changes dramatically. While on a photo shoot at an historic site, Michael discovers an ancient vase and sells it to an antique dealer. But strange things begin to happen, and they soon discover from a mystic that the relic was not a blessing, but a curse.

About the Filmmakers

HAMA-PhotoHoward Allen is an independent film and television producer whose debut feature film The Sweetest Mango(2001) was also the first feature film to be produced in Antigua and Barbuda. His directorial credits include No Seed(2002) and Diablesse (2005).  Allen and his wife, Mitzi Allen, started the production house HAMA Productions in 1992.

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