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TFF is proud to offer workshops designed to educate and support local Guyanese filmmakers and they move through the filmmaking process.

This year available workshop include: Script Development and Post Production & Marketing. Cost for each workshop is $5000 GY ($24.25 US) or you can attend both for $8000 GY ($38.80 US). See below for registration information.

[nrgevent_pricing style=”style-2″ price_title=”Creative Producing” price_category_title=”Day 1″ price_short=”From Script to Screen” price_valute=”$GY” price_value=”5,000″ price_interval=”” image=”735″]Script Development

Production Management

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[nrgevent_pricing style=”style-2″ price_title=”Creative Producing” price_category_title=”Value Package – Both Days” price_short=”Pre-Production through Post-Production” price_valute=”$GY” price_value=”8,000″ price_interval=”” image=”728″]Script Development

Production Management



Marketing and Promotion

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[nrgevent_pricing style=”style-2″ price_title=”Creative Producing” price_category_title=”Day 2″ price_short=”Post-Production and Marketing” price_valute=”$GY” price_value=”5,000″ price_interval=”” image=”729″]Coordinating Post Production

Marketing + Promotions

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